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Conflict Diamonds
All our diamonds are guaranteed conflict-free, this is an absolute - a guarantee signed by us!
We only source from known legitimate sources in compliance with United Nations Resolutions, the Kimberley Process and United States Clean Diamonds and Patriot Acts. “Crafted By Infinity” diamonds are further protected under the Belgian Federal AML process and voluntary participation in the JVC-USA Patriot Act Compliance Program.

KPCS Certificate

What are “Conflict Diamonds?”
Exploitation where natural resources are rich and people are poor is a first-order problem in the world we share. Rogue elements have historically used oil, rubber, gold, diamonds, rubies and coltan to finance civil unrest, particularly on the African continent. In the late 1990s it was estimated that between 4 and 15% of the world’s rough diamond supply was touched by conflict. Those traded illicitly became known as “conflict diamonds” or “blood diamonds.”

What has been done about it?
In 2003 the United Nations adopted the Kimberley Process to combat this issue. Participating KPCS governments monitor and certify all rough diamonds before export and forbid any rough diamonds from entering their territory without sealed KPCS certification. According to Kimberley, and supported by Global Witness, 99.8% of the world’s rough diamond production is now Kimberley compliant. Responsible centers of production such as Belgium and the Netherlands enact further federal regulations. Polished diamonds coming to America are additionally covered by the USA Patriot Act. Dealers must maintain Kimberley compliance or be subject to stiff penalties. Failure to comply with guarantees is not a simple FTC violation. Enforcement comes from the Treasury department (IRS), Homeland Security and the US Justice department.







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