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Custom Diamonds:

If you’re looking for something unique and very special
, this is the ultimate! We can "cut" a diamond just for you! You can be involved in every step.

You work with some of the world’s best diamond graders and planners (designers) to pick the right rough crystal, with the color, clarity and other characteristics you desire.

Once we find the right rough, we discuss with you what the yield will be, usually two diamonds, one big one small! You have the option of taking both (very popular), or just the large diamond. You are welcome to visit us and check out each stage as we produce the perfect diamond for you. No more than six individuals are in charge and responsible for your diamond, we are the fifth person you're the sixth!

We photograph and document each major step from the rough crystal, through planning to the final polish of your super ideal cut, AGS 000 diamond! Yes, we guarantee your diamond will be an AGS ideal cut, ideal light performance, ideal polish and ideal symmetry diamond! Each stage; planning, sawing & polishing is certified and signed off on. Every note, picture and record are yours “your diamonds provenance”.

We submit the diamond to AGS (American Gemology Society), considered to be the best, most innovative and strictest grading lab in the world, for grading, certification and their "Platinum Light Performance Diamond Quality Report". The diamond is laser inscribed with the AGS certificate number. You can also inscribe anything you want, such as your name(s) or a special date. The inscription is microscopic, it's on the girdle of the diamond and requires a 20x magnification loupe to see.

You have the option of designing a custom piece of jewelry for your diamond(s), which we will make for you. You can  have the jewelry designed and made by our world famous Jewelry designers in Paris, Birmingham, London, Dublin and New York (the best of the best!), however with today's technology, we believe the best designer is always you!

The result is truly outstanding “heirloom jewelry”!

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