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The C's: Cut

Cut is absolutely, unarguably the most important C for diamond beauty!

Better cut appears larger!The best cut diamonds appear larger for their carat weight, face up more colorless and clarity characteristics can be less visible. Most importantly, they explode with dazzling whiteness and rainbow colors, even away from jewelry store lighting where most diamonds go dark. An average cut quality diamond may flash and sparkle in bright store lighting, but in normal lighting the same diamond appears small, tinted and lifeless.

The stone on the left is a "Super Ideal Cut" and appears larger, brighter and whiter. Both stones are actually the same color and clarity. The stone on the right is heaver (more caret weight) and wider, however the "Super Ideal Cut" stone, even though is actualy smaller, looks larger and brighter because of its cut.

Below you can see why cut results in a larger, brighter and whiter stone. Its because light is returned and reflected in the center "Super Ideal Cut" stone, but light is lost on the shallow and steep/deep cut stones.

Diamond width or spread by carat for ideal round brilliants
Carat Weight:.

At Precious we are willing to show the "light performance" and cut precision of our diamonds that dealers of average cut diamonds will not show.

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