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The Diamond Seminar:

The diamond seminar is a must for anyone who has ever been curious about diamonds and the diamond industry. The presentation is about modern diamonds, from the cutters, craftsman’s or designers perspective, not the typical retail presentation.

Theses seminars originated from Antwerp, Belgium, spread through Europe and in 2010, started in North America. They are sponsored events, therefore some restrictions apply and an invitation is required.

The initial intent was to debunk some of the myths about the diamond trade, let people know what “good diamonds” are and how to evaluate diamonds. The seminar has grown and now addresses issues such as what to avoid and how to get good value when purchasing diamonds.

The seminar is very popular with everyone, including those just seeking knowledge and not planning on purchasing diamonds. It’s a fun event; there is nothing for sale, being valued or purchased at the seminars. We talk openly and honestly about the diamond trade, the good and unfortunately the bad!

Our goal is that you become knowledgeable in the world of diamonds and that you spread your knowledge to others. Hopefully this seminar will give you the information needed to “look under the hood” and you will advise others to do the same!


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